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ATARI 2600 Monthly Subscription Box


In this episode of Quick Blits we try out the Retro Game Treasure monthly subscripton box to see what it's like for ATARI 2600 games.

Jan 18, 2023

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Monthly subscription boxes… for the ATARI 2600? Is it worth it? Stick around and find out.

It seems a monthly subscription box exists for just about anything these days. Perhaps you bought a subscription for a friend that really likes to listen to random artists of a particular genre, or you have an interest in Japanese culture and want to sample their sweet candy for yourself. If you’ve got an interest in something, then there’s probably a company betting that you’ll pay for a random box of it.

So how good are these? …but most importantly, do they have one for over 40 year old ATARI 2600 games?

Today we’re going to try out the Retro Game Treasures subscription box, see how easy it is to order, the quality of the box, and if I think it’s worth it.

Let’s start with their website. I’ll provide a link in the video description.

The website doesn’t give much information on the history of the company, but I found the domain name was registered in February of 2014 with its first hit on the wayback machine in 2015, which lists there’s business name as Dr. Light Labs LLC out of Orlando, Florida. Dr .Light most likely a reference to Mega Man, one of the greatest series on the NES. So 2 points to them for choosing their name.

They offer 4 subscriptions, each consisting of a single box with 3 to 5 random games based on your preferences. All billing is in US dollars. You can choose to pay $36.99 each month, $107.97 every 3 months, $203.94 every 6 months or an entire year of boxes for $383.88. If you just want to try them out then the month to month subscription would be best, however if you’ll likely to stay with them for an entire year then I’d suggest the 12 Month Prepay.. and save $60

After purchasing your subscription you’ll be taken to the Game Preferences page.

This is where you can tell them what you like so they can better customize your box.

You can select what kind of collector you are, from just starting out to a retro game connoisseur. Next you can select the types of genres you prefer like Action/Adventure to Survival Horror, and then the general theme you enjoy such as Fantasy, Skateboarding… Wrestling…

The next section is where I ran into a problem.

This is where you select which consoles you want them to select games for. I’m really only interested in the Atari 2600 at the moment, and unfortunately the page does require you to select a minimum of 2.

At this point I figured my little adventure was over so I decided to cancel the subscription. Again, unfortunately it was a little difficult to figure out how to do that, but eventually I found my way out of the tab, and back to my account page where you can click on the Edit button in the Your Subscription box. There you can find a link with an email address where you can cancel your subscription. Not exactly ideal. I would prefer a button, however it did give me the chance to explain why I wanted to cancel. So I very briefly mentioned that I’m really only interested in games for the ATARI 2600. After an hour or two I received a response saying that I could select another console, and they would add a note to the account saying that I only wanted 2600 games. So, with this good news I went back to the preference page and added the NES to my list of consoles, and at the bottom I wrote my own note to remind them. With that done, it’s time to add a couple of games to my wish list. I’ve never played ‘Adventures of Tron’, but I do like the movie so I’ll add that in there, and throw in a Pitfall 2 for good measure.

Next, we add our current games to the Inventory to make sure that we don’t get any duplicates in our subscription box. This part is a little tedious, but the interface is pretty ok and it didn’t take very long.

Now, we wait… or waited… as you can see I have the box right here and It only took a couple of weeks for delivery. Let’s open it up and see what’s in there!

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Well, that’s all for now, thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you later!

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