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Season One Review


It's been an exciting year, and I glad to see so many people interested in the original game console. I share my thoughts about starting the channel, and my goals as we look to the future.

December 29, 2021

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Your support is greatly appreciated!

Just over a year ago I had the idea to start this channel.

I wanted to do four things.

The Atari vcs was the very first game system that we ever owned and I have fond memories playing together with my family on lazy sunday afternoons. Space Invaders, Asteroids, Frogs and Flies.

I wanted to create games like those and play with them with my own children on the same type of hardware I used to loom over, gripping the controller tightly in my hands furiously firing at swarming monsters in Demon Attack.

I wanted to do something creative. I think game developers are just like painters sculptors builders photographers dancers directors writers we’re driven to create something out of nothing something new something personal using our tools our hands and our minds we envision what could be and make it so.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone as a software developer. It’s easy to lose yourself in your work, deep into your code, furiously clicking away like a monkey at a keyboard. In the past I started making music, eventually forming a band and playing original music in local venues. But over time responsibilities creep up and you can no longer justify playing a gig at 1am in another city for a handful of people. Making videos is a great alternative. Create something, put it out in the world. Sometimes it hits. Sometimes it doesn’t. So you keep learning and revising as you go.

I wanted to help. I want to introduce people to the Atari VCS. The idea that even today you could still write games for a piece of hardware that’s over 40 years old. I wanted to collect, organize, and present the information in a way that would be accessible, understandable, and encouraging.

I feel that over this past year I’ve achieved my goals, but the new year will bring new goals. New ideas. New adventures. New connections, and a new season of eight blit. After a short break season two will start up and I hope you’re right there with me as we continue to explore programming for the atari VCS, game design, game analysis and reviews, and perhaps even some hardware hacking. I want to thank every one of my viewers that gave me a chance to share, everyone that watched, liked, shared, or commented.

Thank you for your support as always, thanks for watching and i’ll catch you in season two


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